Sky Chopper

sky chopper game

Those with a fear of flying can take solace in the fact that they can still enjoy a whole world of aerial acrobatics and fun with the huge selection of flying games out there on the internet. There are so many flying and aerial games out there that there is pretty much a genre for every niche of aerial transport you can think of. Whether it’s bringing aerial terror to the Jerrys in Battle of Britain: 303 Squadron or shredding up the skies with Indesctructo Chopper, pretty much every base of the flying world is covered. One of the games that is notable due to its blistering pace and generally relentless nature is Sky Chopper.

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Helicops: Territories – Action-packed aerial warfare

helicopter terrirtories online

Without the proper training or getting involved in a serious accident that requires an aerial ambulance, it isn’t likely that a great deal of us average people will ever experience a thrilling helicopter ride. Even those with the appropriate qualifications won’t quite get the highly explosive and event-filled experience that flash game Helicops Territories offers, since this game is a thrill-a-minute experience with significant amounts of shooting and a challenging element of real-time strategy woven in through the middle of it. This game has come a long way from the comparatively immature Helicops both in terms of gameplay and graphics, and now there’s more territory-based strategy involved than ever before.

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Swords and Sandals 2: 1 vs 1 Gladiator Wars


Fans of the Roman way of doing things and people that generally enjoy a good one-on-one duel may very well benefit from taking a look at Swords and Sandals 2, a turn-based battle game that concerns itself with simulating gladiatorial battles in a stadium packed with thousands of blood-hungry spectators. This is a game that gives you the opportunity to follow a would-be slave on his upward journey into gladiator stardom. Beginning as a prisoner, you are given the opportunity to fight your way to freedom, and fight you shall. Purchase weapons, armour, potions, and magic spells to add to your arsenal and fight each battle to gain experience points in order to strengthen your attributes in true RPG style. It’s not a question of whether you can become the best gladiator in history, it’s just a question of how long it takes you, so grab a rusty knife and get your foot on the ladder of skirmish success in Swords and Sandals 2.

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A Kingdom at War in Kingdom Rush

kingdom rush

As a genre, tower defense is quite overpopulated. Sadly, it isn’t full of high-quality, well-designed, or perfectly-executed titles, but rather an abundance of mediocrity, run-of-the-mill, and on the most part, slightly below average. For those that aren’t familiar with the genre, this can be quite off-putting since these kinds of title can give newcomers a bad impression of a genre that can actually be very entertaining if done correctly.  Kingdom Rush is an example of everything that is good about the genre, and also of brilliant design, engrossing gameplay, and a well-rounded package that makes most other games look as if they were made by amateurs.

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Sky 9’s Raze 2 Delivers a Generous Dose of Shootem Up Action for Free

raze 2

If you always thought you would have to inevitably pay for a quality shootem up experience as a fan think again. Following the success of the original unreal style 2d shootem up Raze Sky 9 Games developed and released an even better version to play in your browser – Raze 2.

Raze has a rather simple plot, you are fighting against aliens as a marine for one reason or another. Story lines are not why gamers enjoy Raze and Raze 2, but the easy to pick up hard to put down action and game play of Raze have seen record swarms of fans flock to the game sponsored by Armor Games.

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Skaph – Building from the Ground Up


Skaph is a browser based futuristic strategy game where you get to build, maintain and defend your newly founded home base. When your ship accidentally falls on a remote planet, a new beginning must be made. Take command and salvage your ship and make a home base in order to survive the planet’s hostile inhabitants. Mine ores and minerals, build depots and create armies to defend yourself from alien hostiles that might be lurking on the planet. In a game full of uncertainties – preparation and logical thinking are the keys to survival. Do you have what it takes to survive on this untamed alien world?

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Medal of Honor: (2010): The War Moves to Afghanistan

The Medal of Honor games are a first person shooter World War II themed series that fans just never tire of, be it the first edition, or this latest one released in 2010. One wonders how the creators can make this latest edition different to the rest. Well in some ways it is more of the same which for us fans is pleasing but the theme throughout this latest offering is one of brotherhood making it altogether different.

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Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

moh 2 heroes

Here we are at the twelfth edition in this superb series of World War II shooter games. The first release in the Medal of Honor series was in 1999, some eight years ago, making this a series that has stood the test of time, improving in every way as the years have gone by in terms of new elements plus advancements in technology. Fans will agree that enthusiasm for this series does not diminish with time, while each new release ( this one for the Wii) is received with great anticipation.

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Medal of Honor: Airborne

Medal of Honor Airborne is the eleventh game in this superb first person shooter series set in various locations during World War II. This has been up to now a really excellent run of games filled with excitement and challenge. Will this eleventh edition follow in the Medal of Honor tradition providing us with atmospheric battles in a realistic way. I played it with much anticipation and I was not disappointed.

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Medal of Honour : Vanguard

Medal of Honor Vanguard released in 2007 is the tenth game in this series of World War II themed stories. Taking place in Germany, France Italy and Holland the game is full of energy and excitement that will keep you entertained for many an hour. Playing as the character Paratrooper Frank Keegan you will battle through many campaigns to defeat the German war machine as you destroy plenty of Nazis along the way. Lets face it eliminating those Nazis is a lot of fun while very satisfying too.

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Medal of Honor: Heroes

medal of honor heroes

Released in 2006 for the PlayStation Portable Medal of Honor Heroes is the ninth game in this series of World War II first person shooter games. Playing in various roles, as a fan of this series you will recognise characters from previous games. Not a previous player? Well all these brave soldiers have played their part in past editions of the Medal of Honor series earning their place as an important integral part of the stories. There were many heroes of World War II all brave and courageous lets hope our game heroes carry on that superb tradition.

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Medal of Honor: European Assault

The Eighth edition released in this series of first person shooter games Medal of Honor European Assault 2005 is available for PlayStation 2, X Box and Nintendo Game Cube. Returning to the European theatre of World War II fans will be relieved to know that this release is nothing short of phenomenal. Its a game of challenge, strategy plus excitement where commanding your team to victory is your ultimate goal.

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Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault

medal of honor pacific assault

Released in 2004 Medal of Honor Pacific Assault moves this World War II shooter game to the Pacific Ocean area. Previous editions have been centred around the European campaign so this is a nice diversion in terms of location making for an altogether varied experience. Instead of destroying the Nazis you now have the opportunity to despatch some evil Japanese soldiers to the Pacific in the sky. Fans will not be disappointed with this release as it portrays some of the most intense battles in Medal of Honor I have seen.

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Medal of Honor: Infiltrator

Medal of Honor Infiltrator is the sixth in this brilliant series of shooter games set in World War II. Playing as Corporal Jake Murphy you will complete five superb missions requiring bravery, strategy and honest to goodness fighting prowess that will keep you riveted to the games machine for hours. Released for Game Boy the player has a top down view making it a pleasant plus comfortable experience. Every time there is a new addition to this series I wonder if it will be as good as the last. Can they keep up the standard or even improve it? I say yes they can on both counts.

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Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

Medal of Honor Rising Sun is the fifth shooter game in the popular World War II themed adventure series that have proved to be authentic, exciting and a completely absorbing experience. This edition has not had the best reviews unlike the previous editions but is none the less a great chapter that I enjoyed playing immensely.

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Medal of Honor: Frontline

Medal of Honor Frontline was released in May 2002 for the PlayStation 2. It is a superb fourth edition in this great series of first person shooter games. Set in World War II fans will enjoy despatching Nazi enemies in close combat or at a distance with long range weaponry while travelling through some phenomenal locations that look incredibly realistic.

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Chibi Knight – A Cute & Fun Hero

chibi to the rescue!

No quest is too big or too small for Chibi Knight

Chibi Knight is an action role playing game from developer Armor Games. You play the role of a Chibi (small) Knight on a quest to save the once peaceful land of Oukoku. Three vicious beasts have risen from the chaos and have ravaged the land and its people. The wizards, who once protected that land, have gone into hiding. It is now up to our vertically-challenged knight to defeat the evil threatening the land. Can our miniature hero rise up to this gargantuan challenge?
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Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Medal of Honor Allied assault is the third episode in this terrific series of first person shooter games set in World War II. Released in January 2002 for the PC it is a more than worthy sequel to the two previous games in the series while the setting this time around is not only Europe but  North Africa which is a welcome variant.

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Medal of Honor: Underground

Medal of Honour Underground is the second in this series of shooter games that was released in 2000 for the PlayStation and Gameboy Advance. Once again the story is set in World War II giving Medal of Honor Underground an air of realism that fans will appreciate. The main character appeared in the first edition but was not a central character however, in this chapter her story is told in detail. Manon Batiste is a freedom fighter of sorts being part of the French Resistance Movement while she is working undercover for the OSS following the untimely death of her brother.

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Medal of Honor (1999)

Medal of Honor released in 1999 is the first game in a series of fourteen. The game was released for the PlayStation and was developed by Dreamworks Interactive based on a story created by Steven Spielberg. Set in World War II this first person shooter is a superb play full of authentic World War II references, armoury and battles. Highly anticipated, Medal of Honor delivers on every count making it a must play for fans and newcomers alike.

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